tips for an organized home

11 steps for a more organized home

Trying to get organized is a process and not something that can happen overnight. Putting a plan in place is a good way to start that process.

  • Being organized has a different meaning for each person, so create your own definition. Be realistic about what you can do because you know your abilities and limitations. Create goals that are achievable.
  • Make the most of your organizing time. Identify problem areas. Ward off procrastination. Break the big jobs into smaller ones.
  • Get motivated. What around the house motivates you to make a change? You can even play your favorite music while you work to keep things upbeat.
  • Do it now. Don’t wait for an opportune time because that time will never come. There is always something that will get in the way. You need to push through it and get moving.
  • Stay on schedule. Make organizing a part of your daily routine. Create a detailed schedule with all of the tasks you need to accomplish and then stick to it.
  • Get stuff out the door! Once you decide to get rid of something, do it. Don’t leave it sitting around to create additional clutter. Donate, sell or give away what you don’t need.
  • Add hooks and shelving to make the most of storage space. A few perfectly placed hooks can add to your storage to have your favorite things within reach. Shelves can help you organize things vertically and create more storage space.
  • Store things that are seasonal. Make sure everything has a home whether you are using it or storing it.
  • Stay on top of things. Don’t look at organizing as a punishment, but let kids know it must be done. Take the same attitude yourself. It’s a necessary chore.
  • Reward yourself once you get organized. Take yourself out for coffee, go out with friends, relax with some tv time or read a book. Work toward the reward.
  • Get help if you need it. Do the easy parts yourself and then hire someone for the toughest tasks of your organizing if it gets to be too much for you.

As always, I’m here as a resource for you. Contact me if you need help putting together a schedule, doing the organizing or anything else to reach your goal.

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