go for a shopping spree in your own closet

Closet shopping spree

Shopping in your own closet

It’s time to take a shopping trip in your closets. As you add clothing to your closets, it’s time to edit your wardrobe to make more space. What’s an easy way to do that? Go shopping!

Take everything out of the closet. It’s a pain, but the best way to do it. Clean off the shelves, dust, sweep, whatever it is you need to do to get it clean. After cleaning, you are ready to go shopping. Most people only wear 20% of the clothing they own. Why not get rid of the things you never wear?

Try on each item in the closet like you are in a store. Ask yourself questions as you try the clothing. Does it fit? Is it wearable (not in need of repairs)? It is still in style? An item goes back in the closet if all the answers are “yes.”

Many of us go up and down in weight. That is one reason to try on the clothing. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it. There is no body shaming, you are just removing clothing that is no longer what you wear. Simply remove that item.

If it fits and is in style, but needs repairs, evaluate how easy it is to fix the item and the probability of fixing it. A missing button can be quickly replaced. If slacks need to be hemmed, what are the odds you will follow through? If you won’t, start a donation pile. Out of style clothing can be added to the donations as well as clothes that no longer fit. Anything that is stained, torn or in need of major repairs can be trashed.

If you are lucky, you will stumble upon something you love and thought was gone. While that doesn’t often happen, you never know what might be in the outer reaches of the closet.

You are not alone if you have something in your closet that you have never worn and still has price tags on it. Know that the money was spent long ago and it’s time to say goodbye to that item without any guilt. It’s quite the opposite. You can feel good about the fact that someone else may put it to good use.

Purging is good for you

The experience can be cathartic. Unburdening yourself of clothing you no longer need will free your mind, no to mention the closet space that is highly valued.

Of course, you will accumulate more clothing with time. When the space in your closet begins to feel tight you can repeat this shopping spree.

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