Do I need to build a shed?

Building a shed can be handy for storing lawn and sports equipment, especially if you need easy access to the items. Several types of storage sheds are available, and they all have their good and bad points.

Consider why you think you need the shed. Are you moving clutter out of your house to make room to get more stuff? Often times people get attached to items they think they’ll need in the future, but in reality they do just fine without the excess.

A shed can be pretty handy for people who want to reclaim the garage for the car. Rotate storing seasonal items like holiday decorations in your shed.

Unlike a storage unit, purchasing a shed is a one-time cost. You buy it and  then it’s yours. A storage unit can be extremely costly and inconvenient. However, one advantage to using a storage company is that they usually offer some temperature controlled units for items that can’t get too cold or warm – but it will cost you more than a regular unit.

If you determine a shed is for you, there are many types to consider. Wood, metal and plastic are the main materials used in sheds, and they all come in a variety of sizes. Metal can corrode, especially if you live close to the bay.

Try to make everything fit together as neatly as possible, but leave a path to the back. If you don’t, you will surely need to get something from back there. Label everything, do it in writing that is easy to see and read.

You need to prepare for any type of weather. Storing clothing in flimsy plastic dry cleaning bags is not going to cut it when the frigid winds of Baltimore’s winter blow into town.

If you are keeping any type of collectibles in the shed, is it secure? Many sheds are built with lawn equipment in mind and are not the best place to hold items of value.

One last thought… What if you could make money instead of spending it? Do you really need all of the stuff you are putting in a storage shed? If not, you can save money by not buying the shed. Edit down what you wanted to store. Think about the value of these things. Consignment shops often take nicer items like formal gowns or expensive purses. Donate or give away anything you that can be appreciated by someone else. A donation will get you a tax deduction. Find a friend, learn yourself or contact Aim 4 Order about selling items on Ebay. You could end up with a chunk of change to buy holiday gifts or stow away in the bank.

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