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Aim 4 Order is a family affair and my husband, Howard is now a full time eBay Top Seller. He assists our clients by selling items that have value on the eBay marketplace. Howard was recently interviewed and here are answers to some frequently asked questions about selling on eBay.

How long have you been selling on eBay?

I have been selling on eBay for 16 years.

How do you know the value of my item? 

Looking at similar items on eBay is a good way to gauge the popularity and price range.

How long will it take to sell my item?

Some items sell in an hour and others may take a year. A lot depends on whether or not its listed as an auction or a “buy it now.” If you are in a hurry, the item can be listed at a cheaper price and it will sell quicker. If you are not in a hurry, listing it higher may slow it down but ultimately end in a higher dollar amount for you.

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Do you sell things as an auction or just set a price for people to buy it? What is the difference?

I sell both ways. With “buy it now” the person can see it, like it and buy it right away. Some people do not want to go the auction route and wait. With “buy it now” if it doesn’t sell within a few weeks, I add the “make offer” option which can attract more offers.

What are good objects to sell? 

Items should be in very good to mint condition. Designer pens do well, sell quickly and shipping is easy. Many coins are very good. Collectibles run hot and cold. For example, Hummel was very good for a while. Now the older Hummel figurines will do okay and may be worthwhile but they are not great. Sterling silver is anywhere from okay to very good depending upon condition, age and pattern.  Lalique always does well (no cracks or chips). Waterford can be good, but lately there are Waterford pieces that are made not up to the older standards and do not do as well. I have had some success with musical instruments. Medical supplies (not equipment) can be good. Cameras and stereo equipment can do very well if they are the right brand and age (better brands will hold their value). Designer shoes, purses and clothes, new or lightly worn can be good sales.

eBay sales with aim4order

What brings in the most money?

Gold items, coins and jewelry obviously are worth more. The larger Lladro pieces and Armani figurines are other good sellers. Sterling silver can do well. New and lightly worn designer items are also good.

The high end/designer items will always hold their value. For example: Leica cameras from 30 years ago will command a very good price. A Nikon camera from 30 years ago may do all right. A Minolta camera from 30 years ago will do poorly. Whether purses, shoes, cameras, crystal, figurines, etc. this rule holds true.

Do you sell things as a group or individually? Does it matter? 

It really depends on what we’re selling. In general, breaking up a set of silver will earn more than selling it as a set. It may take longer to sell when it is broken up, but can result in more money for the client.

Do you write the description or do I have to do that?

After the items are turned over to me, I take care of all listing (and shipping). I may ask for some background information to help improve the listing.

If you are interested in selling items on eBay, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help with all of your organizing needs.

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