feng shui and your closets

Feng shui and reducing closet clutter

“Clutter can manifest in the body, therefore we try to keep clutter at bay so life can go forward and flow smoothly.” feng shui master Salwa Abboud says.
Feng shui master and interior designer Catherine Brophy defines the ancient art as “a practice based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of what’s happening inside us.” If that’s the case, then many of us have cluttered insides. Can you use the principles of feng shui to help you reduce clutter in your closets? Of course!
When you open the door and see a lot of disorganization, it may reflect the feelings that you have about yourself. You may feel depressed or stressed. As you clear and organize, those feelings will change for the better.
When your clothes are jammed together and it’s difficult to see everything, it can start your day on the wrong foot. Good lighting, especially in walk-in closets, clean walls and a clear view of everything can make a difference in your day. Open the door and look around at the orderly, light and bright closet, then start the day with a smile.
Beautifying the area is another feng shui principle that can be used in your closet. Paint one wall with your favorite color. Hang a photo of someone or something that makes you happy near or in the closet. The idea is to make you feel great when you open the closet door.
Balance and harmony are feng shui principles that go hand in hand. Feng shui consultant Rodika Tchi says, “The purpose of feng shui is to get your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go—to harmonize your energy with your home’s energy.” She goes on to say, “Everything has energy, even inanimate objects. Feng shui helps guide that energy and let it flow freely through your home.”
Whether you believe in the power of feng shui or not, having an organized closet is sure to make you feel better. If your closets are too much for you to handle, please contact me to see how I can help.
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