know the degrees of clutter

Four degrees of clutter

Can you identify your clutter?

It’s really not a question that is easily answered. There are many degrees of clutter. Some of the lower levels can be dealt with easily and do not effect your quality of life.

  1. Is everything neat as a pin?
  2. Are there a few items laying around that should really be put away somewhere?
  3. Are there stacks of paper, shoes in a pile and a mountain of dishes in the kitchen?
  4. Is there more clutter than that?

What to do with the clutter you identified

Depending where you fit in the scheme of things, you may need help organizing your home. If you fit into the first or second category, a few minutes each day will clear up the clutter in no time.

According to a survey from Business Wire, the average U.S. household has about 50 items worth $3,100 going to waste. These items are clothes, electronics, accessories, computers and accompanying extras, sporting goods, toys and furniture. Business Wire says, “Nearly 75% of households plan to donate some of their used items.”

If you’re like me, people are calling all the time asking for donations of household items. If you gave some of them away each time you get a call, you can clear some space in your home quickly.

“Over 50% also mention that they would keep some of the items for use in the future, for sentimental reasons, or to save for their children,” says Business Wire. If you fall into that category, and if possible, give those things away now.

Many millennials have different tastes and lifestyles. They want to get new things for their kids that are often safer and easier to keep clean, to use with their children. Saving keepsakes is not always practical. Instead photograph the items. Keep the photos and then donate the objects. Let someone have the items who will appreciate and use them.

According to same survey, 36% of those interviewed plan to sell their items. These people have varying plans on what to do with the cash like pay bills or save the money.

Planning on selling items? Read my recent blog on eBay selling to get an idea whether selling your belongings is a good idea or not.

Once you figure out your degree of clutter, understanding how to deal with it is the next step. If you feel like it’s too much for you to handle, that’s okay. I’m here to help. Contact me to talk about how Aim 4 Order can help you get organized.

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