Get rid of paper clutter

Goodbye to Paper Clutter

Even though most people do a lot of things on their computers, there is still a lot of paper floating around our homes. Paper seems to accumulate before your eyes. It can be receipts, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, mail or other paper. Here are some tips to reduce the paper clutter, feel relieved and be a part of the Declutter Challenge.

Mail can be paper clutter

If you open your mail next to your recycling, it is easy to get rid of much of it right away. Immediately file away, pay a bill or respond to correspondence to avoid the paper stacks that inevitably start to form.

Paper you don’t notice any more

Sticky notes on the fridge or dentist’s receipts laying on the table can be a source of clutter that you might not notice until there is a mound of paper. Take a look around the room where you are right now. You can probably find some paper clutter. Toss, file or respond to what you find.

Go digital

Cancel paper catalogs, especially if you order from the company online, to avoid catalog clutter. If you are an impulse shopper, you’ll surely save some money by getting rid of the inbound flow of catalogs.

Many magazines can be viewed through the library’s digital collection. Amazon Prime members also can have access to some digital magazines on Prime Reading. You can read them and take screen shots of things you want to keep and set up a folder on your computer to store them. (You don’t want to build up digital clutter either.) 

If you do receive paper magazines, read them and pass them along to a friend or recycle them. If you see an article you want to save, cut it out and save that one article and then recycle the rest.

File it away

If you save your receipts for tax or other reasons, file them as soon as you get them instead of having them laying around countertops or other flat surfaces. It will reduce your clutter and also you’ll be able to find the receipt if you need to return the item or deduct it from your taxes. A small file box will work if you don’t have a file cabinet. 

Start today

Don’t let paper become a roadblock to getting organized. Begin by setting aside some time to get rid of the paper clutter. Then give yourself some time every week to check for paper you don’t need. If you are feeling overwhelmed, I’m happy to help you. Contact me to set up a time to talk.

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