Just Say No!

Do people ask you to do things that you are not truly prepared to handle? Are you already overwhelmed, but you want to help others because you are kind? Do people put unnecessary pressure on you for favors? Do you find yourself volunteering to do a favor when you know you shouldn’t? Part of getting organized is learning to say no when it comes to taking on more than you can handle.

An organized person knows how much he or she can accomplish in a day and understands the limitations. Thinking you can do more than you can, will cause problems in your life from time constraints to not being able to sleep because you are worrying about completing the project.

One thing you can do is to kindly tell the person that you cannot do the favor they ask, but offer what you can do for them. You are not turning them down outright. Offering to do a lesser or smaller task can still be helpful. If you find yourself at fault for over-offering, consider pausing before you jump in and say yes. Think of the potential consequences you will face as a result of this added responsibility or burden.

This is also true at work. Sometimes a boss or co-worker will ask for something that is beyond your job description. It is really okay to say no if the task is too much of an imposition. Keep in mind, the more you say yes, the more often people may ask you for things.

People will often try to guilt you into doing things for them. Think about yourself for a change. Simply state that you cannot commit to doing it. You can offer reasons why, but that is not always necessary.

When asked to overextend yourself, remember that it is not your obligation to do extra chores for people. The task might not fit into your schedule, be too time consuming or require paying for something you cannot afford (gas, purchasing supplies, time away from other duties).

Saying no can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Telling friends or business associates you can’t do something often causes you to feel badly. The worst thing is to say yes and then realize that you cannot complete whatever has been asked of you. Then, you seem like someone who cannot keep a commitment. This especially looks bad in a work situation. It is better to say no and know that you are not going to become overburdened.

Having time to relax, let your hair down or even sit and do nothing can have an excellent effect on your sense of well-being. When you overdo it with too many tasks in a day, you can cause other problems like trouble sleeping, overeating and stress headaches. Just say no, and don’t look back.

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