Organizing for a Healthy Lifestyle

With the new year right around the corner, people are making the choice to get healthier in 2014. To increase your odds of making this happen, you may want to use some “organizing muscle” to help you achieve this goal. By working out, either at home or at a gym, and eating healthier, you will be taking a huge stride in the right direction.

It is hard enough to get yourself together and go workout, but when your gym bag is a mess, the task is that much more difficult. Know what you have in the bag, and clean it out regularly. Have a designated place for your gear when you get home so you do not spend time searching for the bag. Just grab it from its place and out you go.

Don’t overstuff the bag, just take what you need: workout clothing, a lock, flip-flops, small sizes of hair care and grooming products and a hair brush. To save money, you can buy small empty containers and fill them with your own supplies from home. If you need sweat bands or other exercise supplies, take them too. Always remember a refillable bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

If you prefer exercising at home, you can avoid buying all of the sundries and look for a good place for a workout. If space is limited, and it usually is, keep supplies in a chest or other container so that space is available when you are not working out.

A padded mat is a must if you are going to do any floor exercises. Set up in a den or other area where there is a television or computer. Then, watch workout videos to give you encouragement and structure in your weight training and aerobics.

A few hand weights, bands or a plastic step for aerobics can be stored in a relatively small space. For those with more space available might look into a recumbent bicycle or treadmill. Always remember, if you have a pattern of buying things and not using them, save your money and start with a couple hand weights. My father recommends starting first with a can of food in each hand – how’s that for a thrifty idea?

Once you start your exercise routine, you can try to adjust your eating habits. When you organize your shopping list, think about lower fat items. Protein helps you build muscle and carbohydrates give you energy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always better for you than canned. Try to cut out fatty foods and desserts whenever possible.

Get moving and start working on the new you for the new year!

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