Organize craft or sewing room

Organizing Your Craft Or Sewing Room

Few things are more frustrating than grabbing a ball of yarn and finding a tangled mess. Looking through drawers of supplies and not finding what you want is another source of distress. Try a new method of keeping your supplies in an orderly fashion, which goes a long way to creating your ideal crafting or sewing room.

In a sewing or craft room, storage space is at a premium. Try to get the most out of any closet space you have. Storage boxes and shelving will help expand some of the space.

Think vertically. You can add shelves or cabinets that take up a whole wall to organize your supplies. Shelves can go from just above the floor to near the ceiling.

Clear storage containers give you the opportunity to see what is inside. You can label them too, but being able to see your supplies will save time when searching for those special beads, ribbons or yarn.

Reusing clear glass jars to hold supplies will save you money buying storage containers. Even recycled baby food jars can come in handy to hold small beads, pins or other tiny objects. Empty jars with a hole drilled into the lid can become dispensers for thread, ribbon or yarn.

A lot of office organizing products can work with crafting supplies. Three ring binders with clear sleeves can hold flat objects or papers in an organized way. They are ideal for sewing supplies like needles, pins and especially patterns.

Furniture with drawers can be wonderful for storage, but adding dividers will keep whatever is in the drawer from getting mixed together and tangled. Sometimes, silverware divider trays, egg cartons or CD holders can be used inside drawers to keep objects separated, orderly and easy to find.

If you have broken, unusable or small scraps that are just taking up space – and you know you will never use them – get rid of them. Keeping things around that clutter your room and have no use, is a waste of the precious workspace you have.

The idea of organizing the room is twofold. The first is that you want to be able to find what you need. Secondly, everything needs a “home.” Once you have achieved this, you will have more time for your crafting or sewing and less time being frustrated.

Your creative style will come out in how you decorate your crafting room with storage containers, shelving or cabinets. Once you finish organizing, you will have an artistic masterpiece that is also a comfortable place to do what you love.

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