Organizing your medicine

Getting your medications organized can be an important part of your overall health. Certain medications need to be taken at exact times of day, and with or without food. As we age, it can be more and more difficult to get a handle on medications without having them take over the counter tops or table.

The best scenario is to always have at least one week’s worth of medicine on hand in case of a snowstorm or other emergency. For your own safety, make sure to never run out of your meds. Your life could depend upon it. Have a place for your prescriptions and keep them all in one location.

Pill Containers

If you take pills every day, it is a good idea to get a pill organizer – the plastic container with a compartment for each day of the week. If you take medications multiple times each day, you may need more than one. For those with arthritis, you do not have to worry about opening a pill vial. The compartments flip open with little effort.

Most people find that it is easier to remember if they have taken their medication when they can simply look at the organizer and see that today’s pills are gone. It is a lot more challenging when you just have a pill vial and cannot remember if you took today’s dose or not. Most medications can have serious side effects if they are taken too often or skipped.

Always give the pharmacy a couple days to fill the prescription in case there is a problem. If they need to call the doctor, you might not be able to get a refill right away, especially on weekends. If you ask, some pharmacies will call and remind you when your medications are due to be renewed. Some drug stores can remind you through email.

Keep a list of every medication you take. That is handy for doctor’s appointments because they always ask for all of your medications. If you keep an ongoing list, you can easily remember all of the meds you take.

Medication levels will remain steady in the body, if taken at the exact times prescribed. If you have trouble remembering when to take your pills, set an alarm. Just about every cell phone has an alarm clock on it. Set the alarm to repeat every day, so you never forget. If your phone does not have an alarm, you can buy an electronic pill reminder.

Having pill vials all over the kitchen is not ideal. By organizing your medications, you will give yourself peace of mind knowing that you are remembering to take what you need to stay healthy. It is one more way to get rid of the clutter and take off some of the pressures of daily life.

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