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Spring decluttering around the house – Part II

Most of us have some things that can be thrown out or given away. While we sometimes feel an emotional attachment to certain belongings, there are others that we keep simply because they are familiar and a part of the house. The list might seem like common sense; however, it can be difficult to let go of things that are cluttering our living space.


  • Books and/or magazines that are laying around the room
  • Old pillows that are collecting dust. And how many decorative pillows do you really need?
  • Clothing (this can be an organizing chore in itself) that you are no longer wearing. An easy place to start is with any pairs of socks or gloves that don’t have a mate.
  • Bridesmaid or prom dresses you will never wear again
  • Damaged hangers
  • Shoes that are out of style or don’t fit
  • Belts that don’t go with anything you own
  • Perfume samples you never use or even like
  • Old cosmetics (they do expire)
  • Any chairs or other furniture that accumulates clutter (like a chair you throw clothing over)
  • Costume jewelry that is out of style
  • Stacks of papers
  • Tote bags you got for free and never used

Living room

  • Knickknacks, baskets, used candles or other things that have no sentimental or monetary value, but are dust magnets
  • Remotes from televisions, stereo components or other items you no longer own
  • Little rugs that are stained and unraveling
  • End tables or other furniture that is scratched up or wobbly
  • Stacks of magazines or paper that can be recycled
  • Afghans or blankets that are falling apart or moth-eaten
  • Throw pillows from the sofa that have seen better days

Closets in the hallway and entry

  • Old coats that no one ever wears
  • Umbrellas that don’t work as well as they once did
  • Accessories that are falling apart like scarves, mittens, hats, etc.
  • Rain, snow or hiking boots that are no longer water tight
  • Containers that have items you “might need one day,” but haven’t needed for the last 20 years or so
  • Gifts you feel badly about throwing out (try donating instead of tossing)
  • Old vacuum, dust buster or other small appliance that is no longer useful

Once you find a way to get rid of some or all of these things, you will feel a sense of accomplishment along with the relief that you have more space and less things to clean. If you find it too difficult, please contact me and we can talk about ways to reduce your clutter.

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