Switching closets for cold weather clothes

As the leaves start to fall from the trees, you know it is time to tackle the bedroom closets. Every spring and fall we all dread that closet change. Here are some tips to make things a little easier.

Many people think that they have to empty out the closet first. The only time I’d empty out a closet first is if you know you will complete the job in one day. If you plan to do it in stages, then start slowly and empty out one section at a time. As you empty, then you can sweep up the floor and wipe down the shelves.

As you do your clothing switch, it is an ideal time to do some purging. It is counterproductive to go through the storage process with clothes you never wear.

Look at every item of clothing and think about when you wore it last. Has it been in and out of storage and you never wore it once? If so, it should go in the purge pile. If not, make sure it still fits and goes with something in your wardrobe.

All tops need to have at least one bottom that goes with it. If not, they need to go. Consider shoes, purses, scarves and other accessories in the same way. If you love a pair of shoes, but you have nothing to go with them, they are just taking up valuable space.

Some theories suggest putting the clothing in the closet from lightest to darkest for a professional look. If you have the budget for it, buy matching hangers. They make your closet appear more organized. Face all of the hangers the same way, which also looks better.

Think about the place where you are going to store your clothes. Ideally, it should be clean, cool, dark and dry to protect your clothing for next year. Only put clean clothes into storage containers, which should be made of plastic. Cardboard is much less insect resistant. Cedar blocks are recommended for the storage containers. There are no harsh chemicals in cedar, so it is less toxic and smells nicer than mothballs.

If you pack your off season clothes in storage boxes, put the heaviest garments at the bottom and put lighter ones on top. There is less smashing and wrinkling that way. If you have the luxury of spare closets, always use all of the hanging loops on the garments to hold their shape.

Once you put the clothes in storage, don’t simply forget about it until next spring. Check on them every now and then to make sure the area is still dry and clean.

Think about how many clothes you have and the number of items you needed to purge before you make any new purchases. Consider that money saved on clothing you may never wear can be used for other purposes in the future.

After you finish packing the boxes and put everything back into the closet congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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