uncluttered office

Uncluttered office

Having an organized office will help increase your productivity and make the most of each day. Do you spend a lot of time looking for things you can’t find in your home office? It’s time to move toward a clutter free office.

Multipurpose space

If your home office is also used for another purpose, make sure to separate your work things from the rest of it. Having your work papers nearby will help your office run more efficiently. Keep any file cabinets or work shelves near your desk.

Paper stackers

We talk a lot about stacks of paper around your house. If you’re a “stacker” at home, chances are you do the same at work. Each day, clear everything off your desk except the essentials (computer, phone, stapler, business cards, etc.) before you go home. Put away or recycle all of the paper so it doesn’t end up in a stack.


Sort and file things you are not currently using. The less paper laying around, the better. Make sure there is a place to put everything away. Setting up systems to handle your workload will eliminate a lot of the time you spend searching for things because everything will be in its proper place.

Set up an inbox. Prioritize everything in it on a daily basis.

Desk drawers

You can use silverware dividers for drawers to help sort your pens, erasers, paper clips, staple remover and everything else you need into separate sections. Keep your supplies in the desk and not on top of the desk unless you are currently using it. Once you are finished, put it back.

Appointment book

Keep all of your appointments in an appointment book either a physical book or digitally on your computer or cell phone. Use one calendar so you don’t inadvertently miss something written on one calendar and not on the other. If everything is in one place, you are a lot less likely to overbook yourself or forget an appointment. This will also help you manage your time better. Put everything on your calendar including things like walking the dog, having lunch and returning phone calls.

Use time wisely

Take the couple seconds needed to file a folder away instead of allowing folders to pile up on your desk over time. If you wait, it becomes a chore in itself. If you need to make lists with priorities, do it. Crossing off tasks as you complete them can be very satisfying.

If a particular task seems overwhelming, break it into smaller pieces. It will seem more manageable that way.

Shred it!

If you no longer need papers, shred or recycle them. Paper clutter can add up quickly and become a problem. Take care of it before it reaches that point.

Like every other room in your home, the office needs a major decluttering every now and then. If you do a little each day, you’ll find that you can have a tidy office in no time. Need help? I’m always here with ideas to help make your office more efficient and clutter free.

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