Why hire a professional?

As a professional organizer, I often see situations that have gotten completely out of hand. Other times, a client is temporarily overwhelmed and just has no time to put a home or office in order. Either way, how can you tell if you need to hire a pro rather than organize yourself?

Professional organizers are trained to work with people who are disorganized, untidy, or overwhelmed. In this unique position, I can see the barriers that keep you from accomplishing your organizing goals. Do you have enough time to deal with the clutter? Are you too attached to belongings you just don’t need? Are you missing the forest for the trees?

I offer a different perspective than you have. Not invested in your belongings, I can objectively help you. We can weed out the things that are cluttering your home or office and pare it down to where it is much more manageable. Because I am not attached to your stuff, I can help you see things from an outsider’s prospective and strive to make decisions everyone will find workable.

Are you motivated? This is another problem a professional can fix. We can go through your belongings together where I can keep the energy level up and spirits high. I do not judge, rather I am supportive and will encourage you along the way.

Is space an issue? We can figure out ways to make the most of the space you have. I can find some hidden spots you never noticed or discover clever ways to create space that you might not be using to its maximum potential. Knowing that everything will have its own place in the end makes the process easier.

Sorting can be difficult, especially when downsizing to a smaller home. I have systems that make sorting your belongings much easier for everyone involved. We can sort items you will keep, give away, sell or donate.

Organizing can be like a snowball, as we move through your home, you will gain momentum. It will become routine to keep things in order from this point forward. Of course, I am always available to come back if things start to get out of hand again or to advise you on solutions that will help keep you on track.

Get rid of the bad feelings and guilt over too much stuff with nowhere to put it. I want you to feel good about the changes in your home and in your life. Together we can make great strides in organizing your belongings, downsizing or any other reason you may call on me for help.

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