Shopping season has begun, this woman is shopping online at home

Shopping season without clutter

It’s shopping season!

As the shopping season kicks into high gear, how do you keep yourself in check? Super sales can be irresistible… but every time you resist, you will feel so proud of yourself!


Make a list

Make a list of all of the gifts you need. Check them off as you identify a gift so you don’t accidentally buy duplicate gifts.


Shop in your home

Most people have a stash of ‘gifts to give’ hidden in their homes so make sure you check in your own home first before you actually begin purchasing gifts.


Set a budget

Don’t turn to credit cards and rack up your debt. Only buy gifts you can afford. The holidays are not meant to make your life more difficult. Be careful of those gifts that charge you a small amount for multiple months. Consider how they will affect your budget in the long term.



Handmade or hand baked gifts are welcome. Think about the person before you make the gift. If Aunt Sally loves your famous pumpkin bread, maybe that’s a nice gift for her. A hand knit hat can come in handy too.


Remember, it’s a time for giving

We all get excited when something is on sale that we want, or something is on sale that we didn’t even know we wanted. This time of year there will be lots of tempting sales, but now is not the time to lose control. You are shopping for gifts for others.


Online shopping for gifts

One of the best things about buying gifts online is that you can have them shipped directly to the gift recipient. It saves you time and money on shipping the item yourself. Be careful when shopping online that you are visiting a reputable company. Make sure the website has https:// at the beginning of the web address to show that the site is secure


Clutter free gifts

You can buy wonderful gifts that don’t create clutter. Consider them when you are shopping. People love gift cards for services like manicures, restaurants, car detailing, movies or other experiences they might not buy for themselves. The best thing about this type of gift is it won’t create or add to anyone’s clutter. 


Once you finish your list, pack it in and go home (or close the laptop). Don’t continue shopping after you finish getting what you need. If you keep shopping, it’s a sure way to go over your budget. When in doubt, wait 24 hours before you make the purchase this shopping season and then you won’t feel as though it was an impulse buy. Happy Holidays!


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