The holiday season is here and it's safer to shop online this year

The holiday season is upon us (during a pandemic)

The holiday season is here

It’s almost December, that frenzied month where kids come home from college, decorations are put up and life can spiral out of control. It’s the holiday season and whether you have a family or not, this is a time when little work gets done at the office and parties (even if they’re on Zoom this year) are happening. This is a time where many people are accumulating unwanted clutter.

In order to stop clutter from building up around the house, there are some things you can do.

Keep up with the paper piles 

Go through your mail right at the recycling bin. Toss what you don’t need right there. Anything that doesn’t get recycled gets filed away, and bills can be paid on the spot.

Clean out the fridge

Thanksgiving is over and all the food you served should be eaten by now. If not, remember that leftovers are best eaten within a few days, and should definitely be tossed after five days.

Take some time to look for anything expired and organize what is left. This may take a half hour or so, but it will be worth it when you start putting new groceries in the refrigerator.

Organize your entryway

Your family may be coming and going, hopefully protecting themselves while out and about. Keep a basket for masks and clean reusable masks in a spot near the door. Shoes should have a place, along with a location for backpacks, purses and keys.

A wall mounted key holder will let you know exactly where your keys are at any given moment, as long as you hang them as you come in the door each time. It might take a week or two to get used to doing it, but it will eliminate time spent searching for your missing keys.

Create a meal plan

If you come up with meal ideas ahead of time you can organize your trip to the grocery store. During the pandemic, many people don’t go to the grocery store as often as they used to go. Planning meals for the whole week can save you money in the long run.

A lot of people use Instacart to have groceries delivered or prepared for pick-up. Others order them directly from the store. You certainly don’t want to get food every few days when you are paying a delivery fee and tip for the driver.

Holiday shopping

If you are able, stay safe and do your shopping online this year. When you purchase gifts online, you don’t have to worry about wrapping them. They can be send directly to the recipient.

Make a list and stick to it so you are not influenced by special sales, even though they can be very tempting in December. Keep your budget and shopping goals in mind at all times.

In Summary

Don’t stress over the holiday season. Organize your home and your shopping. We have enough to worry about this year, don’t add unnecessary pressure to your life. If you need help getting your home organized, I’m always available for you. Contact me for more information.



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