redecorate without spending a dime

Redecorate without spending a dime

During this time of social distancing, being at home all day, every day can become a little boring. When you redecorate your home, you can make it feel new and different. You don’t need to spend money to do that. Instead, make the changes using your current belongings.


The first step to your redecorating process will be to get rid of clutter in the kitchen, living room, dining room and bedrooms. Are your kitchen counters clear? No paper piles in the dining room? Are there clothes on the floor in the bedrooms?

Go shopping in your home

Take a look at the nicknacks, art, decorative tables and other items in your home. Look at them with the eye of a decorator. Are there items in your storage areas that can beautify your home? Add to the decor? Become useful?

Living room furniture

You might think the opposite, but moving furniture away from the walls can make the space seem more planned out and spacious. Changing the direction of your couch is another way to get your room to feel new.

In many living rooms or dens, the television is the focus of the room. All of the seating faces the TV. If you move the television, you change the focus.

Move lamps

Swap out floor lamps for table lamps or just move lamps to different locations. Maybe you will discover that moving helps the lighting in your home as well as changing the look.

Home office

Give yourself an office with a view. Redecorate your home office by placing the desk or table in front of a window or facing a favorite photo or painting on the wall.

Swap your art

By simply moving art that is hanging on your walls from the bedroom to the den or from the living room to the dining room will give you a new feeling about those rooms. Photos can be rearranged as well.

Bring some outside to the inside. Cut leafy limbs or flowers from your yard and bring them inside to add some color. Take cuttings from some of your indoor plants and plant them in containers you already have around the house to breathe new life into your home.


You can repurpose a table to become a desk. Turn a bedside table into a place to store your files. A bar stool can hold a lamp. Think about creative ways to repurpose things you are not using. An old window frame can become a picture frame. A decorative scarf can become a wall hanging or table runner.

Do you have some old wallpaper, shelf paper or fabric that can be used to cover a table? Fabric can be used to make a pillow sham and change the look of your couch. Make a plain wooden box into something interesting by covering it with wallpaper. Jars or wine bottles can become vases.

In conclusion

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home feel different and more exciting. If you need help, contact me. I’m happy to connect with you virtually to help you redecorate your home or to get organized.

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