dealing with holiday clutter

Holidays don’t have to add clutter

The festive season of gift giving is coming to a close and with it there can be added clutter around your home. Here are some tips to avoid the collection of too much extra stuff.

When you get something new, consider getting rid of something old. If you got a new shirt as a gift, you can donate, give away or otherwise get rid of an older shirt. Clothing donations are always welcome, especially this time of year when it’s so cold outside.

If you got a new cell phone, you can donate or sell your old one. Gazelle buys used electronics. Of course, the older it is, the less it is worth. There are also organizations accepting electronics to be given to victims of domestic violence. Video games, laptops or other electronics can be a real game changer to someone in need.

Many people save and reuse wrapping paper and gift bags, but are they worth the price of extra clutter? Do you need to save them all? Recycling is another option.

If someone gave you a gift that you don’t like or doesn’t fit, there is no reason to keep it. Clothing you never wear, a piece of artwork you don’t like or kitchen gadgets you’ll never use will add to your clutter if you hang onto them. This can be tough for some. If it has a gift slip, you can return it and get something you really want or need. If not, find someone who can appreciate it or donate it. Feel good that someone else can make use of the gift instead of feeling badly every time you look at it.

When you pack up decorations that you won’t use again until next year, be sure to label the boxes so you can easily find what you want. If you see decorations that you haven’t used in years, maybe it’s time to give them to someone else who will appreciate and use them.

Deal with the holiday clutter in a timely basis and you will feel great. It’s a sense of relief to see everything neatly put away.

If the clutter in your home is getting out of hand and you feel like it’s too much for you, contact me to talk about some options and we’ll get your home organized.

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