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Stuck at home

Since we are all stuck at home for the majority of our day, it’s time to sit back and think about our homes and how to make them more comfortable. Getting organized is a great way to start.

Declutter and destress

Being more organized can help reduce your stress levels in a time where you are already filled with anxiety. Take some time each day to work on yourself and your home. Doing this can be productive and ease those anxious feelings.


As you do regular household chores like laundry, consider the closets, dressers and shelves that house everything. When putting sheets and towels away, consider the state of your linen closet. How does it look? Is there enough room? Do you have towels stuffed in there or are they neatly stacked? Do you really use all the towels and linens that are inside?
If the linen closet is a mess, start by taking everything out. Wipe down the shelves and then fold and place everything back in the closet in a logical and organized way. As you go along, bag up towels and sheets that are old, worn and/or damaged to be donated. Note the size beds you have in your house and get rid of the linens that no longer fit the beds you have.
Repeat the process with your clothes as you put them away. Evaluate what you have and continuously add to your donation pile. Most donation places are closed right now, but find a place in your home to stash these items until the world reopens.


As you put away groceries, take stock of what you have in the pantry. Check for expired foods and while you are looking, you just might discover some hidden gems in there. All the way in the back, there could be a box or can of something that would be perfect to add to tonight’s dinner.
Use this time at home to go through your food cabinets and use things you might have forgotten while they are still good. Make the most of your social distancing by getting the pantry organized.

DIY and honey-do lists

You might have some half finished projects around the house that you now have time to complete. Or, maybe there is a project you’ve been thinking about, but didn’t have time to even get started in the past. This could be the perfect time to do these projects or repairs. 

Home Sweet Home

We’re all hoping this quarantine time will be short, but the reality is that it will probably last longer than we’d like. It’s the ideal time to get your home in order. I am offering 3 virtual classes in April. To find out more or to sign up, go to “Order in your home, office and life.”
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