Organize craft or sewing room

Organizing Your Craft Or Sewing Room

Few things are more frustrating than grabbing a ball of yarn and finding a tangled mess. Looking through drawers of supplies and not finding what you want is another source of distress. Try a new method of keeping your supplies in an orderly fashion, which goes a long way to creating your ideal crafting or […]

Clutter-free gift giving

Like it or not, the season of gift giving is just around the corner. This year, try to “think outside the gift box.” Now is the time to start thinking about clutter-free gifts. While getting your own clutter under wraps, try not to add to the clutter of others. Think like a minimalist, and do […]

Tips and Tricks October 2014

Quote of the Month “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe The next time you feel overwhelmed, pause, take a deep breath and focus on right now – right where you are now. Then, based upon the amount of time that you have at that moment, do what you can. […]

Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks September 2014   Quote of the Month “People often complain about lack of time when the lack of direction is the real problem.” Zig Ziglar   Ouch – this one hurts. Does that mean it’s MY FAULT that things don’t get done? This reminds me of another saying that goes “Fail to plan, […]

When someone you love clutters up the place

Tips & Tricks August 2014 Quote of the Month “Easy does it wins the race.” Author Unknown I love this quote, especially when it comes to getting organized. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the volume of things to tackle. Ten minutes a day is an ‘easy does it’ approach. Try it – you […]

tidy home office

Organize your home office

For people who have an office in their homes, getting and staying organized can be as much of a challenge as the work. Ending the day with a clear desk and an empty inbox is important. Here are some tips to help you stay organized in your home office. Get organized for the next day […]

What comes first – Cleaning vs Organizing

As a professional organizer, I am often asked whether prospective clients should have their homes cleaned or organized first. In order to do an effective cleaning job, the clutter must be dealt with first. Simply stacking and stuffing clutter will not have long term benefits. While both are important and go hand in hand, it […]

Organizing grooming products and cosmetics

Now is a good time to get a handle on personal grooming products and makeup. Just about everyone, especially kids and teenagers, have a lot of grooming products strewn around the house. The bathroom clutter is a stress inducer, and to reduce it is to lessen your anxiety. The mess can be found all over […]

Organizing cards and special letters from the past

While the younger generation is all about e-cards for birthdays and other occasions, many of us are used to good old-fashioned greeting cards and letters. That letter from Aunt Thelma you got when you went off to college has a special spot in your heart. How do you decide what to keep when it comes […]

Change of seasons, change your closet

As we get closer to summer, it is time to switch your closets around to make space for warm weather clothing. Here are some tips to make your closet switch better for this season and the next one. In organizing, there is something called the 80-20 rule. People wear only 20% of their clothing 80% […]