Get a handle on boxes and bags of papers

Even though we are moving into an age where people attempt to go paperless, we seem to have a ton of paper around the house. Getting it sorted and organized seems like an endless task. Here are some tips on making the process easier. Sorting This part of the process is the most difficult. You […]

Choosing a professional organizer

We all know that taking the first step is the hardest part of the journey. Sometimes you need a little help to make that move. If you struggle with a house full of stuff and have no idea how to get started, you might need to hire a professional. How do you pick an organizer […]

Just Say No!

Do people ask you to do things that you are not truly prepared to handle? Are you already overwhelmed, but you want to help others because you are kind? Do people put unnecessary pressure on you for favors? Do you find yourself volunteering to do a favor when you know you shouldn’t? Part of getting organized […]

Why hire a professional?

As a professional organizer, I often see situations that have gotten completely out of hand. Other times, a client is temporarily overwhelmed and just has no time to put a home or office in order. Either way, how can you tell if you need to hire a pro rather than organize yourself? Professional organizers are […]

What comes first – Cleaning vs Organizing

As a professional organizer, I am often asked whether prospective clients should have their homes cleaned or organized first. In order to do an effective cleaning job, the clutter must be dealt with first. Simply stacking and stuffing clutter will not have long term benefits. While both are important and go hand in hand, it […]

Organizing large quantities of hand-me-downs for kids

It seems like kids are always outgrowing their clothing. The more kids you have, the more this becomes a difficult undertaking. A system to organize your hand-me-downs will help keep closets in order. Organize and save clothing to share with your younger children, donate them to charity, sell at a consignment store or give them […]