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Starve Your Distractions


questions“You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one.”

 – Tom Kite, Professional Golfer
& Golf Course Architect

Getting Distracted is Easy.
Keeping yourself focused is easier said than done.

Tales from the Trenches

Has this ever happened to you?
There’s an unexpected window of ‘free’ time – enough time that you could really make a dent in the paper pile that’s built up in the kitchen.
Thought #1 – I’ll scoop up all the paper in the kitchen and bring it into the office.
Action #1 – Scoop up all the paper……but stop in the bedroom first because there might be more paper in there.
Thought #2 – Oh, look at that old pocketbook – I wonder if I should switch to that before the season ends.
Action #2 – Pick up the pocketbook and notice that there is stuff inside and begin to look through the old wallet.
Thought #3 – I should swap purses now!
Action #3 – Decide NOT to swap purses now because the original goal was to get the paper into the office…not swap purses.
Thought #4 – Get your papers into the office and stay the course.
Action #4 – Drop the papers off into the office.
Thought #5 – This little summary of what goes on in the mind and body would make a good article for my August newsletter.
Action #5 – Start typing the article for the August newsletter.
Thought #6 – It would really be meaningful if I could stop typing NOW and finish dealing with my paper pile up!
Action #6 – Stop typing now and organize my own papers so I’ll have a clear mind for the rest of the day!
So – the end of the story is that I had to leave for an appointment. The window of “free” time flew by. No, I didn’t get to very much of my accumulated paper BUT, I made an important phone call which resulted in a credit to my account. I wrote most of the August newsletter, filed away a few items and recycled a few items. The intention to handle paper in my office helped me to accomplish other related tasks. While I may not have stuck entirely to my goal of handling all the paper on my desk, I made a dent and movement of any kind is a win. No need to beat ourselves up if we don’t achieve everything we wanted to – the goal is progress, not perfection. Here’s to staying the course as often as possible.

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Cindy Bernstein, Owner and Professional Organizer

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