Meet Cindy Bernstein, Professional Organizer

cindy-portrait2014It is believed by family members, that in the womb, Cindy reorganized the placenta and put the umbilical cord in a tidy coil.  As a child, her obsession with order continued.  Dolls storage was an impressive, cross-referenced dewey-decimal-like system.

As a school teacher and later in the non-profit health agency world, Cindy learned to create order in the face of screaming children, demanding bosses, and enormous paper and e-mail volumes.  She leaves an impressive legacy of always being able to find the paper she needed while simultaneously talking on the phone, typing, and pouring a cup of coffee.

Best of BaltimoreThe demands of a household that includes hubby, kids, spoiled dog, six fish and a constant flow of mail, permission slips, tests to be signed, camp registration forms, research papers, play dates, piano lessons, PTA meetings, fundraisers and board meetings has only inspired her to reach new heights of organizational dexterity and know-how.   As a professional organizer, it is her joy to enter room after room of heaps and piles and leave orderly stacks in her wake.

Cindy speaks to businesses or professional organizations on a variety of organizing topics. Contact her to find out more.

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