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5 Tips for Organizing a Weekend Getaway

Can’t get away for a whole week, but you still want to find a place to relax for a few days? Here are some tips on planning a weekend getaway.

  1. Have a goal in mind
    Set a date and stick to it. Once you make reservations, it can cost you a bundle to change them. Try to keep your travel plans as simple as possible. The less complications, the less worries! Airbnb is a website that can help you find accommodations that are within your budget. Instead of staying in a hotel, you can stay in a home with a kitchen where you can do your own cooking.
  2. What will you eat?
    Speaking of doing your own cooking… Are you bringing your own food? Planning to buy stuff to make your own food? Planning to go out to eat? Your budget and dietary needs will dictate some of your options. Some hotels have complimentary breakfasts, that can help with the food budget. You have to weigh the annoyance of bringing food with the convenience (and expense) of buying food when you are away.
  3. Things to bring along
    Try to travel light, especially if you are flying somewhere. If you can get away with one small carry on, that simplifies things immensely.
    Bring clothing you can mix and match, giving you more options without bringing as much with you. Shoes can take up a lot of space in your luggage. Go for comfort, it’s your weekend off.
    Kids need to keep busy while you travel. Whether electronic or not, they will need books, games or other entertainment. Healthy snacks are a good idea for everyone.
  4. What to do for fun
    Figure out what types of activities you want to do. If you’re on a romantic getaway, family weekend or girls weekend, you’ll want to find things to do that fit the people in the group. Dinner at a fine dining establishment is great for romance, but maybe not appropriate for your little ones.
    Every town, no matter the size, has attractions of some sort. It might be a trip apple picking in an orchard, touring a potato chip factory, visiting a museum or partying in a night club. Get insider tips on anywhere you want to visit with Like a Local, an app that allows people from the destination to comment on their favorite spots and help you avoid tourist traps.
  5. Don’t stress out!
    This is supposed to be your time to relax, recharge and come home refreshed. Make the most of this time and don’t sweat the little stuff. Any time you start to get anxious, take a few slow deep breaths and remember that it’s your down time – let it go.

Enjoy your weekend getaway and come back to your life with a better outlook. You will feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the grind after spending down time with people you love and less stress.

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