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Do you need apps for your mobile device to help with your bills and reduce paper clutter? Ready to move into the 21st century with all of the perks that go along with it? Here are some modern apps that can help with paying bills, making lists, shopping and more.


For people who have trouble remembering to pay bills or lose them, this site is for you. Never miss a payment again using this handy app. FileThis organizes your bank accounts, investments, medical, auto, utilities, communication and retail paperwork. Organize and store bills online. Say goodbye to paper clutter. Use it with your computer or mobile device. Cost: Free to $5/mo. depending upon your needs.


Here is another online bill paying service. It has a highly acclaimed calendar that allows you to see where your money is going, helping you budget more effectively. It lets you know when bills arrive and when they are due. MoneyStream alerts you if it notices anything out of the ordinary in your bills. Access MoneyStream online or through the app. Cost: Free.


Here’s an iPhone app that is great for building your own custom shopping list. It is versatile and allows you to add things the way you remember them by brand name or the item. You can cross off items as you shop with a tap of your finger. Make multiple lists so you have a list for the grocery store, pet supply store, department store or whatever you need. This is quite possibly the most user friendly shopping list app. Cost: Free.


This clever app allows you to make notes and share the information with others. Evernote lets you create checklists to help you through your day, week or month. A great feature lets you snap a photo of a business card and turn the information into a contact list. Track receipts, bills and invoices. Cost: Free, premium packages are $24.99/year or $44.99/year and have added features.


This is an amazing app for busy people who don’t have time to bother with spending a lot of time thinking about what to buy at the store each week. Create weekly menu plans by importing recipes from websites and generating shopping lists from the recipes for the week. If you want, keep a running inventory of your pantry so you know when you need to stock up on staples and other foods. MealBoard works with iPhone or iPad and can be used on the computer for a bigger screen view. Cost: $3.99.

Using these apps and websites will reduce clutter around your home and simplify your record keeping. If you have paper that is too much to manage, please contact Aim 4 Order to discuss how we can help you.

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