Choosing a professional organizer

We all know that taking the first step is the hardest part of the journey. Sometimes you need a little help to make that move. If you struggle with a house full of stuff and have no idea how to get started, you might need to hire a professional.

How do you pick an organizer that is right for the job?

Professional organizers have training and skills to perform the work they do. NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) is one place where you can look for people who have this training in your area. By being affiliated with this organization, you know the person is committed to this field of work.

Ask how long the person has been a professional organizer. There is nothing against someone who is just starting out, but experienced organizers definitely know their stuff and have a leg up on the competition. I have been involved in professional organizing since 2004.

Find out what the organizer expects of you. Do you have to buy supplies or will the organizer bring what they need? In my experience, most of the time my clients already have what they need. In nearly all situations, it is better to not purchase anything ahead of time.

It can be very scary to have a stranger come into your house. Often times, my clients are afraid of being judged or criticized, which is often the case when family members and friends try to help. I have seen many homes in varying degrees of disorder and my only goal is to help you feel more at peace in your setting. I respect your privacy and it is in my best interest to be discreet. There are no big signs on the car or any other indicators that someone is helping you organize. I do not take photos or share your information on the website or with anyone unless you request me to do so.

The timeframe is flexible depending upon how much organizing needs to be done. During the first session, I can usually estimate the amount of time it will take for us to accomplish your goals. The ease in which you make decisions determines how long the process will take. The more we work together, the easier the decisions become.

I can help you decide what to do with the clutter. Sometimes it can be sold or donated. Items may need hauling away. I have excellent resources to share with you for people who can help with services such as shredding companies, junk haulers, auctioneers and people who may be interested in buying your unwanted items.

If you are considering a future move to a smaller place or recognize the fact that you have too much clutter or too many paper piles, contact me. There is no judging and no pressure. I am happy to talk to you about getting organized.

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  1. Beth Rumbaugh
    Beth Rumbaugh says:

    are there resources for people who are trustworthy to assist in the process of sorting and organizing. Both my husband and I struggle with heath issues and fatigue. No family or friends to help.


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