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Downsizing for cash

Need to downsize?

If you need a little extra cash and are either moving into a smaller place or just want to clear out a few closets, there are new ways other than yard sales, swap meets or flea markets. Websites or mobile apps for selling your stuff are available to help. Many of these sites are easy to use, even for a novice.

Poshmark is a user friendly place to sell your designer clothing and accessories. They do not accept imitations, everything must be actual designer pieces. In just a few minutes you can get your account open and begin selling. Using the mobile or desktop version, you can even host a Posh party where you have a virtual event to clear out inventory.

Poshmark describes their fees, “For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95. You keep the rest. For sales of $15 or more, you keep 80% of your sale and Poshmark’s commission is 20%. Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours.”


While is well known for having hand made items for sale, it is an amazing place for vintage clothing and objects. They have strict rules about what qualifies for vintage so be careful. It’s a very popular site for the hipster crowd. You are charged 20¢ for listing each item even if it doesn’t sell and then 3.5% after the sale. If it doesn’t sell within four months, you’ll need to relist the item for an additional 20¢.


This site has been around for a long time. On, you can sell things locally without worrying about shipping them. The downside is that you will either have to meet people or have them come to your home. This makes some people leery with good reason.

There is no fee to list things on craigslist, which makes it appealing for many. No cash is required up front, and you make whatever you charge.

People are looking for a bargain, and you will never rake in the big bucks for anything here. Craigslist works well if you want to get rid of a large piece of furniture, but don’t want to haul it yourself.


I’m sure you have seen the ads on tv for letgo. It’s the newest thing for selling items. Similar to Craigslist, you list the item and take care of the transaction from start to finish. It has a convenient and user friendly app. You can take photos of the items and list them right from your cell phone.
According to their website, “letgo is 100% free and doesn’t charge sellers a fee for listing their items. We don’t take a percentage of our users’ sales either. We just want you to have fun buying and selling.”


Of all of the places to sell online or through an app, eBay is probably the most popular and well known. Fees vary depending upon what you sell and how many items you list.

This site has a good reputation and you can tell how satisfied customers have been with each seller by how they are rated. You list the item and ship it to the buyer. Once it is sold eBay calculates their cut of the sale.

Lose that clutter, get some cash!

No matter which method you use to sell items, remember that a great photo will go a long way to selling it. Photos that are too dark or blurry will not help people see what you have. And you will lose out to people who do have good images of their wares.

Unsure about your abilities to sell online? Aim 4 Order can do it for you. We would love to help you reduce the clutter while you make some extra cash. We are happy to talk to you about selling your designer pieces, collectibles or anything else that is worthy of making you significant money. Contact me for details.

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