eliminating clutter for stress reduction

Eliminating clutter for good

Eliminating clutter

“Eliminating clutter? I don’t need to organize, I know how to find what I need.”

“I’m not embarrassed when people come over. They know I’m busy.”

“I don’t have time to organize.”

These words are spoken all of the time, but the truth is your life is less stressful when your home is organized. You’ll have more free time because you spend less time going through the paper piles to find what you know is there. Find anything you need at once when all of your belongings have a place to be put away.

Clutter and stress

UCLA did a study on clutter a few years ago. They found that when the chaos of clutter increases, so does the cortisol (a stress hormone) level in women.

Taking time to reduce the clutter can make you feel better. Sleep comes easier without the distraction of thinking about stacks of paper, junk drawers and closets full of old clothing. Once the clutter starts to go away, your attitudes about a lot of things will begin to change.

Come up with a plan

In order to reduce the stress, a plan of attack is necessary. Where in your home are the biggest trouble spots? Is there a junk closet or cabinet that houses a lot of things you rarely use? Is there a storage area where you don’t even know what is inside?

If you start with the toughest spots, it will get easier. The most important thing is that you get started and keep going.

Change takes time

Part of being organized is making to do lists and blocking out time periods to work on reducing the clutter. It doesn’t need to happen overnight, but it does need to happen. Putting a plan on paper is a big help for most people.

Resist buying storage products

You probably already have everything, or at least most, of what you need to organize your living space. Bins, boxes and drawer organizers can be found around your home. Avoid buying more storage solutions, as they will add to the problem.

Look around at what you have now. Some of the items you are purging may be in containers that can be reused. It will save you money and give you the chance to reuse what you have on hand. Pieces of wood can sometimes become shelves. An old door can be put over a couple short file cabinets to become a workspace or desk. You’ll be amazed and what you can create with what you have around the house.

Be kind to yourself

Making a major change like eliminating clutter does not happen immediately. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but also keep to the schedule you set. You will feel relieved and immediately happier when you reach your goals.

eliminating clutter to reduce stress


Be proactive

Once you are organized, create a new schedule to keep things in order. Do a little each day to stay ahead of the clutter. Keep shopping in check. No one needs 100 rolls of toilet paper on hand. Buy the staple items you need and have room to store.

Your home doesn’t have to look like a museum. Figure out when you feel organized enough to your personal comfort level.

If this is too much of a challenge and you feel like you need help, that is okay too. Please contact Aim 4 Order to discuss a plan of action that is right for you.

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