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Getting Unstuck – Tips & Tricks

Getting Unstuck – Tips & Tricks: July 2016

“Things are always working out for me.”
         – Esther Hicks


I think it’s a powerful message packed into a short sentence. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and the first thought that entered your brain was “Things are always working out for me.” And what if you said it about 40 times aloud to really cement that message into your mind?

Getting unstuck is no easy feat. Usually we are stuck because we dread what is facing us. Perhaps we’ve failed at our attempts previously. Perhaps we’re scared to see what may be revealed if we start whatever it is we’re dreading. Of course I’m referring to the process of decluttering and/or organizing. Who knows what lies beneath the clutter?

For today’s purposes, let’s begin the ‘Getting Unstuck” process by using the mindset of “Things are always working out for me.” In the decluttering/organizing arena, that could mean the discovery of a long lost piece of jewelry, buried savings bonds, the smile of a loved one who is proud of you, the address of an old friend, a cherished keepsake….get the idea? Imagine all the good that can come from just being willing to START the process?

One of my colleagues, Tracey Shadley, just posted on her Facebook page the following quote “If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out your closet. “( You can take that advice and go to the easiest closet in your house to ‘practice’ getting decluttered or organized. You can even go to the smallest drawer in the house. Baby step your way there…..ANY attempt is a win.

Try the Aim 4 Order Approach to Organizing and see how it works:
Observe and be objective – look at the area as if it belonged to someone else and see what doesn’t look or feel right. Sort like things together.
Remove and release what you don’t need or want. Trash, recycle, donate or sell.
Decide the best place to store the items – remember to move rarely used items to more remote areas of the house.
Evaluate how you want to contain the items – bins, hooks, shelves, cubbies, space bag?
Revisit regularly – if/when you see the space reverting back to how it was before, go back to and find O.R.D.E.R. again.
There are times when you really do need someone to help you get started. Find a decluttering buddy or email me – I’d love to help you get unstuck!
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