Hidden storage areas in your home

In every home there is a spot that is not being used to its best advantage. Creating new areas for storage will make your home more organized and less cluttered. As you open up more space, your home will become more functional for the whole family.

Some storage solutions are very affordable. If you take a look around each room in your home, you will find some unused spots that could house shelves. Place shelves close to the ceiling, about one foot down and going around a room – like where you would put a wallpaper border. This can be an ideal location for storing collections. Dinner plates, beer steins, crystal or other collectibles look amazing when displayed this way and also are out of the way of little fingers.

Along the same vein, some homes have space above kitchen cabinets. Bread makers, blenders and other appliances that are not used every day can find a welcome home there.

The backs of cabinet doors or closet doors can hold racks for storage. Smaller racks in the kitchen will hold spices or other small objects. In bedrooms, shoe racks can go on the back of a closet door holding shoes or similar sized items.

Think vertically. As you look around your rooms, imagine ways to use the vertical space on the walls. Two bookshelves can be stacked instead of standing side by side, adding more floor space to the room.

The bathroom is another place where vertical space is often neglected. Adding shelves above the toilet can move clutter off the sink area and make better use of the space. Hooks on the back of the bathroom doors or on the wall will give you a place to hang hand towels, a robe or anything else.

Shelves can go above the washer and dryer. Shelves will house detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover and bleach that might otherwise just sit on the floor.

If you are thinking about buying a new piece of furniture, you can get something that is decorative and also provides storage. Cedar chests or entryway benches are perfect examples of this. Some ottomans have storage areas inside of them.

One area that is often neglected is under the bed. Some plastic storage containers are made specifically to fit under beds and out of the way. The containers are useful for off-season clothing that will otherwise take up valuable space in closets and drawers.

Unfinished basements, garages and attics can often hold unused storage space. With a little creativity, adding storage containers can be decorative as well as useful. Crawl spaces are often forgotten in homes and can store lesser-used items.

To get started, you first need a budget. Once you figure out what you can afford, you will see what options are available to you. It might be some shelves above the dryer and toilet to start. Take things one step at a time and do what you can. Everything does not have to be done in one day. Once you start finding more free space in your home, you will see less clutter and start feeling great.

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