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Keeping up with greeting cards

Did you ever forget a good friend’s birthday simply because you had so much going on in your life that it slipped your mind? Your friend is hurt and you feel horrible. The alternative is getting your greeting cards together well in advance so you will not miss anyone’s birthday.

We get spoiled with Facebook telling us when it is a friend’s birthday so we can send a virtual greeting. Paperless digital cards sent via email through websites are readily available and gaining in popularity.

You can set up a clutter free birthday file for the next year on your computer’s calendar, and then send digital cards. On some sites, digital cards can be set up ahead of time to be sent on the date of the person’s birthday. However there is generally a time limit on how far ahead you can schedule a card on most of the sites.

Using iCal, the iPhone calendar, you can enter a person’s birthday and also have the calendar remind you a week ahead of time. That will give you a chance to get a card and mail it so the person will get the card by the date of their birthday or anniversary. You can use this even if you send a mailed card or a digital one.

But for those who are closest to us, a Facebook birthday message or a digital card may seem a little impersonal. And let’s face it, you can’t slip cash into an email card (although you can send a digital gift card). If you prefer the old ways, a greeting card organizer is the way to go. These organizers have slots for each month so you can get cards ahead of time, put them in the proper slot and be ready when the birthday comes around.

You can buy bulk packages of thank you notes and holiday cards, then purchase generic get well and sympathy cards to keep on hand for when you need them. You can find holiday cards on sale right after the holiday and keep them in your card file for next year. If you are really getting into card organizing, you can buy birthday and anniversary cards in advance as well.

The key to organizing your greeting cards is to get started on the project. Since the new year is upon us, this is the perfect time to organize your greeting card file for the coming year. Avoid feeling terrible because you missed someone’s birthday. Get it on your calendar or in your card file now.

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