organize accessories like necklaces

Accessories need organizing too

An excess of accessories

In order to extend your wardrobe and make it work for all sorts of occasions, you’ll need to have fashion accessories. They can take up a lot of space in your closet, dressing table, bathroom or elsewhere around your home. Here are some tips on organizing accessories.

As with most organizing, the way to begin is to gather up all of your accessories and see what you have. Get your belts, costume jewelry, scarves, purses, shoes, hats, hair adornments and anything else you use to dress up an outfit or give it a different look.

Time to edit your collection

Toss anything damaged. Consider donating what you don’t want to keep, but might be useful to someone else.

A belt hanger is a good way to keep belts straight. Try them on to make sure they still fit. If a belt goes with a specific outfit that you no longer own, it’s time to get rid of that belt. Colors and textures go in and out of fashion, so take that into consideration. If you don’t have a belt hanger, rolling belts and putting them in drawers is another way to store them.

organize accessories like belts

Scarves are worn for warmth and/or style. You may have another storage place for winter clothing that includes your winter scarves. Light weight scarves add flair to whatever you are wearing. Go through the scarves with the same critical eye you used on the belts and think about what matches each scarf. Can it be paired with anything? If not, say goodbye.

Jewelry bonanza

Wearing jewelry can take a boring outfit and make it dazzle. Types of jewelry, especially costume jewelry, also have a shelf life. If you haven’t worn it in a couple years, it’s time to let it go. Give it away or donate the piece if you think someone else may enjoy it.

If there is a cute scarf you were going to give away, try attaching your earrings to the scarf. Hang it on a hanger and use it for earring storage.

If you have more than your jewelry box will hold, there are some other ideas. Hang necklaces on a necklace tree or set up a bulletin board with pushpins where you can hang them. If they need to go in a drawer, plastic bags or drawer dividers can keep the jewelry organized and tangle free. Visit for a clever full length mirror with a hidden jewelry storage area behind it.

Visualize yourself wearing each purse or try them on and see what clothing goes with them. You really don’t need to have 100 purses, especially if your home is tight on space. Purses in different fabrics, colors, sizes and shapes are wonderful when you have the room. If you don’t, keep your favorites and let the others go. A towel bar with S hooks will allow you to hang up purses to free up space elsewhere. Wall hooks also work.

Shoes can be a major problem for many of us. How often do you wear them? If you have a pair you haven’t worn in a couple years, you probably won’t wear them again. Heel thickness and sizes come and go, so they may no longer be in style. Plastic shoe boxes with a photo of the shoe taped to the outside will let you find shoes quickly. Over the door shoe organizers are a popular space saver.

Hats, hair clips, barrettes, scrunchies and pony tail ties become a problem if they are in the bathroom, bedroom and other locations around your home. Hats go in the closet in hat boxes if you have them. Create a spot to keep hair accessories in a plastic bin or drawer organizer. Again, if there are damaged pieces, get rid of them. Pony tail ties that have lost their elasticity are of no value to anyone.

Time to get going

Be more productive and spend less time searching for items when your accessories are organized. Make it a way of life. The more often you practice these skills, the faster you will get into the habit of reducing clutter.

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