Organizing grooming products and cosmetics

Now is a good time to get a handle on personal grooming products and makeup. Just about everyone, especially kids and teenagers, have a lot of grooming products strewn around the house. The bathroom clutter is a stress inducer, and to reduce it is to lessen your anxiety. The mess can be found all over the bedroom, the bathroom and vanity if there is one. Men often have a lot of grooming supplies too – this is not just for the ladies.

When organizing anything, you first need to remove anything that is old, broken or empty. With cosmetics and grooming products, there is a shelf life. Cosmetics, especially those that go on or near your eyes, should be tossed before they can cause any damage. It does not matter how expensive the cosmetics are, you do not want to use expired cosmetics that may damage your skin, lips or eyes. Keep only what you need, use, and has not expired.

Here is the approximate shelf life for cosmetics. This is just a guide, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

MAKEUP                                                  SHELF LIFE
Mascara, liquid eyeliner                           3 months
Liquid foundation                                     6 months
Nail polish                                                1-2 years
(it is easy to tell with nail polish
as it will get thick)
Powdered foundation, lipstick,
powdered eye shadow, eyeliner
pencils, eye shadow pencils                     2 years

Take everything out of the cabinet, dresser, vanity and wherever else you have grooming supplies. Include hair care products, cologne, brushes and combs.

A little bit of eye shadow or lipstick can be saved for kids playing dress up or Halloween, but it needs to be put away with the rest of your Halloween or dress up supplies. Often times when you buy high end cosmetics, you get a free gift that might not be something you use. Unopened samples and “free bonus kits” are welcome donations to homeless shelters.

Throw away anything you never use. Once you have pared down what you have, it is time to organize what remains.

A number of organizing containers are made to fit into a drawer or under the bathroom sink. You should assign a designated area in the bathroom for your hair gel, mousse, shaving cream, aftershave, shampoo and conditioner. Hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, brushes and combs should be included in this spot. Cologne and makeup might go in the bedroom. It is okay to have things in both rooms as long as you do not have the same products repeated in two locations.

Having less clutter with your cosmetics and grooming supplies is not only tidier, but healthier as well. Once the older makeup is gone and you have just what you love and use, you will feel less stress. Feeling better about your home makes you feel better about yourself.

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