organize your master bedroom and live stress free

Organizing the master bedroom

Your master bedroom is a sanctuary, it’s the place where you go to get away from the world. If there is too much clutter in there, the sanctuary is no longer peaceful or restful. Instead, it becomes stressful.


Get a couple of containers for giveaways and items to discard. Pull out everything from under the bed and start there. After you’ve done under the bed, then look in the closets and on top of your dressers or other flat surfaces. Word of Caution – this does not have to be done all in one day! Go through anything on your floors, too. You want to end up with clear, flat surfaces with the exception of maybe one or two decorative or useful items. Consider a small basket or other container for each person to put keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. If you share the master bedroom with another person, you will need their input throughout this process.

What doesn’t belong here?

Some things might be in your bedroom that could go somewhere else in the house. If you have enough storage space, off season clothing can go elsewhere to free up closet and dresser space.

Knick-knacks, plants and decorative items might end up being more clutter and less decoration. Consider each piece on its own merit and make a decision whether you should keep it there or move it someplace else in your home. Don’t keep things out of an obligation to others. It’s not worth the trouble.

Is it expired?

As mentioned in the last blog, cosmetics have an expiration date. You might keep cosmetics in the bathroom, but a lot of people keep them in the master bedroom. If makeup is too old, toss it and avoid the chance of eye or skin infections.

Excess furniture

Do you have too much furniture in your bedroom? Chairs, bedside tables and other furniture can make it feel cramped and small. Chairs can become a dumping ground for clothing and you want to avoid anything that adds to the clutter.

Time to get organized

Once you weed out what you no longer need, what doesn’t fit, is out of style or damaged, it’s time to put everything back in an organized way. Over the door shoe organizers can keep the closet floor clear and may even have room for spare purses.

Under the bed organizers can be used for off season clothing if you are lacking space. If you don’t wear it though, don’t hang onto it. You are better off donating the clothes and having free space under your bed.

Once you have a box of items to donate, take them right away to get them out of the house. No need to have that stuff hanging around once you make the decision to purge. One of my favorite places to donate is Savers.

The time is now

There is not a lot going on this time of year. It’s the perfect time for some organizing projects around your home. Once the weather changes and it stays light longer, you might not feel like organizing. If you need help organizing a bedroom or your entire home, contact me to discuss your options.

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