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Organizing your accessories

There never seems to be a good spot for the belts and scarves. These oddly shaped, impossible to fold objects cause some people a lot of grief. To decrease clutter, you can try a new way to store all of your accessories.

If you want to keep your belts in a drawer, invest in dividers or shallow boxes to maximum the space. No matter whether you like belts stretched out or in coils, dresser space is premium real estate, so try not to waste it.

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You may need to go through your belts and donate some of them to a friend or worthy cause. Let’s face it, we change sizes throughout our lives. A belt from 10 years ago does not necessarily fit you forever. Do not keep “what if” items. If it does not fit today, let it go.

Another way to store belts is to hang them from hooks. There are hangers made specifically to store a lot of belts. Another method is to attach hooks somewhere inside the closet. The back of a closet or bedroom door is generally unused and will easily accommodate a number of hooks for belts.

If a belt goes with a certain outfit, you can even use the hook of the hanger as a hook for your belt. As a bonus, you will never spend time searching for that particular belt because it is stored right with the outfit.

Scarves are another troublesome accent to your wardrobe. Storage can be a problem because scarves are not uniform in size, length or texture. Often times scarves get piled up on the dresser, stuffed into drawers – they end up all over the place with no home of their own.

To remedy this problem, you can try one of a few ideas. There are inexpensive scarf hangers. Some can hold up to a dozen scarves – without stacking them on top of each other. When stacked, they are more difficult to remove when you want to wear one.

A simple way to hang your scarves is to put up a couple towel racks on the back of your closet door, bedroom door or on a closet wall. Hang shower curtain rings on the towel rack and you can hang one scarf on each ring. One towel rack can hold many of the rings. You can see everything at a glance and easily grab the scarf you need. If you still have too many scarves to store comfortably, it may be time to purge some.

The main purpose of organizing your scarves and belts is to make the morning rush easier. Knowing exactly where the belt is that goes with your outfit or grabbing that scarf, which is right where it should be, will be one less worry for you. As you get more of your clothes organized, your mornings will go more smoothly. When that happens, you will feel a lot less stress as you head off for work or play.

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