Organizing your jewelry

Most everyone has jewelry. Finding a good and organized way to store it is important to keeping necklaces untangled and earrings in pairs. Whether it is expensive gold or costume jewelry, it does not matter. It should be organized in a way you can find what you need without a fuss.

As you organize your jewelry, you can check it for broken pieces. If you find anything broken, determine if it is worthwhile to have repaired. Costume jewelry may not be worth the trouble or cost to repair. If it is gold, you can get quick cash as gold is in demand.

Some people are fans of the traditional jewelry box. The older we get, the more jewelry we accumulate. Often times, the jewelry box ends up overflowing with jewelry or with items stacked on top of each other. Necklaces, especially those with a thin chain, can become a giant ball of knots, taking too much of your precious time to separate.

Avoid a jumbled mess and invest in jewelry stacking trays. The handy trays can be the perfect way to keep your jewelry organized inside a dresser. They are fairly flat and can be stacked. The inexpensive alternative is a mini-muffin tray or clear plastic egg carton.

Small hooks can be placed on closet walls, on the inside of closet doors for hanging necklaces and bracelets. A bulletin board can be a clever way to store jewelry and use push pins instead of hooks to hold the jewelry in place. Some decorative mirrors have secret chambers behind the glass where valuables can be stored.

Another popular jewelry storage solution is the hanging jewelry bag. They come in a variety of sizes with clear plastic windows that show what is held in each pocket. Finding a particular piece of jewelry is a breeze. You can look at the bag and quickly see what piece is inside each section.

Jewelry trees can be decorative and functional. There are some that really look like a little tree where pieces are hung from the branches. Plastic jewelry trees, similar to ones used in stores to display jewelry, are another option and will generally hold more items.

No matter which storage method you choose, it is a good idea to organize your jewelry. In most cases, this will not take a lot of time or money and it is a positive first step to getting your home and life more organized. If you happen to have decades of jewelry from your own collection and perhaps from those before you, you may have additional challenges. Some people opt for very large jewelry armoires.

My suggestion would be to take the time, even 15 minutes a week, and begin sorting your jewelry into things you will likely wear, things you can gift to others in your life and lastly, things you’re willing to sell. The time you spend downsizing your jewelry will result in greater ease and pleasure when it comes to selecting your jewelry needs on a daily basis. Give it a try.

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