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Pick a task, any task

Fall is almost here and there will be a lot of things changing as the days grow shorter. Heavier coats will be in the closets, boots will be worn and sandals will be put away for another time.

There is always at least one thing, possibly more, that really bugs you in your home. Do you open your linen closet only to find jumbled up towels and sheets? Do your plastic food storage containers avalanche as you open the cabinet? Is your sock drawer overflowing with socks, most of which you never wear?

Now is the time to get things done. Pick a task, something that is really bothering you and tackle that job over the next weekend.

Take a stack of shoes and go through them, deciding what you will never want to wear again or can’t wear any more. Maybe your days of high heels are gone because of an ankle or foot problem. You won’t need them any more. Give them away, donate them or toss them if they are falling apart.

Go through your pots and pans and decide what you no longer use. How many frying pans do you really need?

Small appliances take up a lot of kitchen space. They are often purchased with good intentions, used briefly and then shoved to the back of a cabinet where they never see the light of day again. Blenders, bread makers, mini deep fryers, small indoor grills, juicers – what collects dust in your kitchen? Don’t save things you might use one day. Most of those appliances are made of plastic and have little value. Someone can easily buy a brand new, more modern version of them for very little money. Unless you know someone who is setting up house and is looking for that sort of thing, donating them or recycling them are the best options.

Medicines, both over the counter and prescription, have expiration dates. In Baltimore, you can drop off expired medications now in some police precincts. According to Baltimore County, Acceptable Deposits are “Any expired or medication that is no longer needed. Pills, capsules and liquid medications in a container. Non-liquid forms of medication can be in original container or a zip lock baggie.”

Now you have some ideas about what you can eliminate this fall. Start the season the right way, get rid of unnecessary stuff, especially clutter that is bothersome and irritating you anyway. If organizing is too much for you, contact me to discuss all of the options.

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