organize your refrigerator

Your refrigerator and how to keep it organized

Your refrigerator is an important part of your kitchen and your life. Keeping it organized is something that will help your days go more smoothly because you will be able to find whatever you need.

Refrigerator basics

Different areas of the fridge are warmer or cooler. The temperature of the door fluctuates, so the most sensitive items should never be stored there. Jars of mayo, ketchup and beverages do well on the door where meats and milk never go there. The bottom shelf is usually the most constant and cool location although checking the temperature in different areas will let you know for sure.

Meat and seafood works best on the bottom shelf. You want to avoid any juice from the package dripping onto other food. Most people put milk on the top shelf, but really it lasts longer on the colder bottom.

Set the temperature for below 40°. Any food above 40° will begin to spoil after two hours. Wipe down the door seals regularly to keep your refrigerator working at its best.

Add plastic placemats on the bottom of the shelves to make cleanup easier. Simply remove them, wipe them and return them to the fridge.

Potatoes, tomatoes and onions do not require refrigeration. In fact, keeping them in paper bags in a dry, cool place outside of the refrigerator helps them last longer.

Some newer refrigerators have cameras inside so peek in remotely and not buy something you don’t need. Another way to get the same result is to take photos of the inside of your refrigerator before you go to the store. Not sure if you need butter? Check the photo on your phone and you’ll know for sure.


All food has an expiration date, even if it’s in the freezer. Your breakfast cereal is not going to taste too good if all you have is expired milk. Before each major trip to the store, check the refrigerator, remove expired items and then make your list.

Save money by not overbuying and having food go bad before you can eat it all. Another problem with buying too much is that a packed full fridge has less air circulating and can cause food to spoil faster.

Do your best to prepare things close to when you will eat them. By slicing fruit ahead of time, you may end up with brown spots by the time you eat it. Sometimes preparing food ahead of time is a must, but try to do it with food that won’t turn brown.

Eggs last longer in their packaging. Putting eggs in built-in egg cups in the door or elsewhere can reduce the shelf life.


Packing leftovers for the freezer should include labels saying what is in the container and the date you put it in the freezer. Refrigerated food in clear containers let you see what is inside. If the container is not clear, then label it.

Rotate it

As you add food to the refrigerator, move the older food to the front. Either use it or toss it, but remember it won’t last forever. Refrigerated leftovers are good for about four days.

Get started

Keeping your fridge organized is a good way to make the most of your hard earned money. Don’t waste food by buying too much. Rotate the food so that you get rid of the older food first. Declutter the refrigerator regularly and keep the freshest food for yourself and your family.

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