Storing hockey gear

Storing sports equipment in your garage can be difficult if you have athletic kids. And with ice hockey, there is a lot of it. Of course, this information translates to any sports equipment. Lacrosse has similar gear to hockey. Baseball has bats, balls, gloves and uniforms. Every sport has its own special gear and supplies. The gear is pricey, so taking good care of it is a way to make it last longer.

Create a system

Start with a system that you can use repeatedly. Pick an area of the garage that is large enough. The space allotted has to be able to handle the equipment over time as your children get bigger.

Don’t hoard your gear

As the kids grow and change teams, the equipment will change along with them. There is no need to keep uniforms forever. You can take a photo of your child wearing the uniform and then hand jerseys and other gear down to someone less fortunate who can use them. Get rid of things at the end of the season to make space for next season’s gear.

Hang sticks on the wall

Ice hockey sticks are expensive. Storing them so they don’t get damaged in the off season is important. Hanging them will keep them in good condition. A mop or broom hanging bar will work nicely.

Jerseys and pants

Keep jerseys and pants hanging up in an open cabinet to keep them from becoming a wrinkled mess. In between games, it’s always good to air out the uniforms. They can get smelly, moldy or mildewed if you are not careful with them.

Use cabinets

Helmets, pucks, pads, stick tape, gloves, mouth guard and other gear can be tucked away until the next time they are used. You want to make sure your child is safe, so taking care of the equipment is important. Cabinets will keep the gear away from the elements.

Thanks to our friends at for the infographic. Click here for a high resolution version. If you need help organizing athletic or other equipment contact me for details.

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