Surviving a home renovation – keeping organized despite the chaos

Once you make the decision to do a remodeling job or home renovation there are some things you can do to make the transition a smooth one. Take this opportunity to clear out some old clothing and make donations to Goodwill or your favorite charity. Save old towels and blankets as they may come in handy during the remodel.

The less clutter you have before the renovations start, the better you will be when they are finished. There will be dust, debris and supplies associated with the project and you need to be prepared.

Set up a binder with all of your notes on tile preferences, color schemes and all of your receipts and other paperwork. A list of contacts for your home improvement should be included. You want to be able to go right to whatever paperwork you might need during the process.

Make sure your contractor and any subcontractors know which door they need to use to go in and out of the house. You know your home will be dusty, but workers should keep their mess in the areas where the work is being done and not in every doorway or hallway of your house. Designate an area for tools and equipment so all of the supplies are in one spot and not spread out everywhere.

Move furniture out of the room where the work is being done if at all possible to avoid any damages. If moving large pieces is not possible, cover your furniture with those old blankets or towels you held back from your donation pile to protect your belongings. As a last resort, you may have to put some of your furniture in storage temporarily.

Some nicknacks, artwork or framed pictures may need to be boxed up and moved for their protection. Hammering or drilling on walls and can cause them to shake and objects may fall. Be sure to label the boxes so you can put things back easily after the renovations have been made.

While there is chaos all around you, try your best to stay on top of cleaning and straightening up every day. It will make life easier when the renovations are finished. You will be able to get back to your normal daily routine more quickly.

Lastly, while everything seems to be a mess and your life is turned upside down, take a deep breath and remember that this is a temporary situation. Consider the beautiful new addition, remodel or renovation and how your life will be better. Focus on your goals and embrace the experience.

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