autumn closet change

Time for an autumn closet change

Autumn closet change

Baltimore weather can be unpredictable. We can have a snowstorm in October and other times it’s 90° with 99% humidity. You just never know. At some point, you will need to change over your closet for fall. Here are some tips to make the autumn closet change a little easier.

The best way to tackle a closet clean out is to remove everything and sort it all. After you put ‘like things together’ you can decide which items will go into categories of out of season storage, give away, toss or keep. Note – if you have a gigantic closet, it’s probably less overwhelming to attack one zone of your closet at a time (i.e.: the shelves, the floor, the left side, the right side).

Editing your wardrobe

Some of your clothing has obviously outlived its expiration date. We all hate to get rid of our favorites. But, at some point it is time to say goodbye. If it’s not the right size, out of style, falling apart – these are the indicators that it’s time to let it go. Try to look at your clothing with an objective eye and avoid being emotional.

Vests, blazers, jackets and wool socks are making a return. Look for clothing that will work on warmer fall days and chilly fall mornings. Don’t forget you are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, although white has its own set of rules and exceptions.

Some summer clothing can be useful in layering during fall. Keep those pieces handy. Tights can make summer shorts or skirts suitable for an autumn outing.

Try on everything you intend to keep to make sure it fits. If it doesn’t, say goodbye. Once you have your final grouping of clothes, it’s time to put it all away.

Back to the closet

Anything you are storing for next summer can be cleaned and folded first. Always label any storage containers so you can find it next summer.

Before you put things away for your autumn closet, go through the hangers and make sure they are all in good shape. Dust the shelves. You can put down new shelf paper if it lightens your mood about the changes you are making.

While you look back at the bags of clothing you are discarding, think ahead about the beautiful colors of the leaves changing. There is excitement in the new season ahead. If you feel like making these changes are overwhelming for you to do on your own, I would love to help you.

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