Tips & Tricks: April 2014

Quote of the Month
“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”
Dr. Seuss

Today or not Today? – That is the Question.

Most of us have the best of intentions when it comes to getting things done. Before falling asleep or upon wakening, we might be batting around ideas in our heads of what the day will entail. And while we may have the best intentions, many times things somehow go awry as the day wears on. This month’s quote tells us, very simply, that whether we have an amazingly productive “good” day (or not), we can try again tomorrow.

Here are a few tips to help you make today go more smoothly. And PS – I’m always happy to hear the tips that you currently use that have made your life run with greater ease. Email them to me, please!

  1. Do a brain ‘dump’ where you jot down everything that’s on your mind. Do this at the end of your day so your head isn’t swimming with ideas all night.
  2. Assign a 1, 2 or 3 to each item. Jobs that take less than 5 minutes, get a 1. Jobs that take a 1-2 hours, get a 2. Long term projects get a 3. Highlight the priority, time sensitive items.
  3. Start each day doing several of your 1 projects.
  4. Plug in 3 of your priority items each day.
  5. Think about ‘next steps’ for your long term projects and see if you can insert 1-2 next steps each day (or week).
  6. Set realistic expectations of yourself – your daily list should match the available time and resources of the day. Do not set yourself up for frustration and failure if you have events that are already taking place and will sabotage your best laid plans.

Many people struggle most with setting realistic expectations. I would welcome your call or email to discuss your challenges and I may be able to offer a tip or two to help you. We could also explore the idea of working together to re-organize the way you manage your time and tasks.

Our Beanie Babies have a new home!

In my work with clients, I have seen many beanie babies. I have made no secret of my soft spot for beanie babies. I remember collecting them with my children and racing around to different stores and McDonald’s to find the latest adorable beanie baby. Now that my children are ages 17 and up, they clearly are not ‘needing’ these beanie babies anymore… but I just wasn’t ready to get rid of them… and so I placed them lovingly in a plastic ziploc in the basement.

Last week, I heard about an organization that sends beanie babies to our troops. I looked up the website and fell in love with the idea. I spoke to my youngest son who was equally attached to the beanies and he was on board to donate the beanies.  Talk about a ‘feel good’ activity.

If you would like to give your beanies a new home, check out Operation Gratitude.

“Let My Clutter Go” Spring Package – $495

A 6-hour package with Aim 4 Order includes these services:

  • Tackle over-cluttered areas to help you breathe easier
  • Figure out personalized ‘best practices’ so you can maintain the order we’ll create.
  • Complementary donation drop off and tax receipt mailed to you.
  • Follow up communication to stay on track.
  • BONUS – Printed Resource Guide and Tip Sheets to help you in your quest to be more organized.

Please contact Cindy at 410-484-8328 or by email today… not someday.

Look familiar? Together, we can create beautiful order for you.
basement image
“Helping Baby Boomers and their Parents Lighten their Loads.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home, contact me. Together, we can transform your home into a happy, tidy place where you can feel at peace. We can also get you ready for your next move more enjoyably, faster and easier!

Cindy Bernstein, Owner and Professional Organizer

You can learn more by reading the Aim 4 Order blog – check it out here.

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