what will you do when you end up with your parents' belongings?

Your Parents’ Stuff

Last month there was an article published about how “no one wants your parents’ stuff.”  I’m not sure I agree with that. Often, when a loved one goes into assisted living or passes away, the heirs must go through the home and figure out what to keep, sell or donate. Many times people DO want objects that come along with cherished memories.

You might not be able to use these things or have space for them. Objects that are unwanted can go to a variety of places. Donating furniture, clothing, tools and even cars can be thoughtful gifts as well as tax deductible.

Pieces of art, furniture, silverware, china, jewelry, fur coats and more can be sold. Knowing the best way to sell them and make money can be a challenge. Ebay and Craigslist are popular ways to sell items. Craigslist buyers are looking for a bargain and you will get a lot less money, but might sell your items faster.

Collections are always preferred over single items, but single items can bring in the most cash. The problem is that you have to set up an ad or eBay listing for each item if you sell them that way. The process can be time consuming and there is a big learning curve if you are not familiar with how eBay works.

Sites that help with pricing

PCGS can help you figure out if your coin collection has any value. Coins are listed by denomination and then broken down by year. The site includes listings from eBay so you can see the most current pricing on each coin.

Kovels is an excellent resource for antiques. Price guides and forums will help you find out how to price an item. They include a gold calculator to figure out the price if you want to sell gold. Furniture, silver, pottery, musical collectibles and more are catalogued on this handy site.

Replacements, LTD. is a website that lists replacement pieces for your China, glassware and silver. The purpose of the site is when you break or lose a piece, you can find a replacement. But, it can also be used to see the retail value of any pieces you might have. The site is organized by manufacturer and if you know the name of the pattern, it is much easier to find. If not, you can look at China by a certain manufacturer that has a floral pattern, gold trim, etc. Once you narrow down the choices, you can scroll through the patterns until you find the one you have.

Need help?

If this entire process seems to be too difficult or time consuming for you, or you have too many items to look up each one, Aim 4 Order can help. We offer our eBay service to sell your unwanted valuables and put cash in your pocket. Contact me for more information.

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