Dog you have a stockpile of items in your home?

Things we stockpile for no reason

We learned from our parents not to waste anything that can be useful. Don’t waste food. Don’t waste money. Waste not, want not. It’s time to consider what you really need and what is clutter. If you go to events, not that there have been many over the past year and a half, there are […]

Being organized can save you time and money

Being organized can save you time and money

You probably know that being organized can save you time. But, did you know that it can also save you money? Organized people don’t buy things they already own. They don’t spend time looking for belongings because they know where everything is at all times. Buying duplicates is common when the things you need are […]

Decluttering mistakes will slow down your progress

10 Decluttering mistakes to avoid

You want to get your home organized. That’s great! There are many pitfalls that can sabotage your good efforts. Don’t let these decluttering mistakes get in your way. Here are some things to avoid: Not giving yourself enough time. Once you take everything out of a drawer, you need to have time to purge some […]

Feng Shui and organizing your home

Feng Shui and Organizing Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient way of organizing your home to feel secure, happy and safe. Get in touch with your surroundings, they can make you feel better and calm. Most people say they don’t want to declutter their homes because it takes too much time and effort. However, in reality, it is usually because […]

Memorial weekend organizing for your home

Memorial Weekend Organizing

The unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day Weekend. That’s when people start grilling outside, heading to the beach and sending the kids to camp. It’s a long weekend with plenty of time to squeeze in a few organizing tasks. Closets In the entryway closet, put the heavy coats and sweaters toward the back or […]

PTSD-Pondering the Storage (Unit) Dilemma

“Just like fish, magazines tend to stink up the place after awhile.” -Allison Carter, retired Professional Organizer If you’re ever looking for a decluttering project, I vote for magazines. You can quickly make a judgement based on the year and the cover page. Relevance can be determined by how much dust there is, how buried […]

organizing pitfalls can sabotage your project

10 organizing pitfalls to avoid

We all want to be organized, but it takes some planning, scheduling and purging. Avoid the following organizing pitfalls that may cause your progress to grind to a halt. You don’t have a plan It is important to have some kind of a plan of action before you get started. The plan doesn’t have to […]

perfection and procrastination in organizing

Don’t let perfection and procrastination stop you

Perfection and procrastination are two stumbling blocks that get in the way of organizing. Knowing how to fight them can help you make the move to finally get organized. If you have incredibly high standards that you have no chance of reaching, you might be a perfectionist. There is also the fear of not being […]

Organizing belts, scarves and purses

Organizing belts, scarves and purses

It’s spring and time for organizing belts, scarves and purses for the warm weather. The goal is to weed out those items you don’t need any longer. These accessories have to go if they don’t fit, don’t match anything you own or are out of style. Start by taking everything you are organizing out of […]

But I Might Need This

April 2021 “Remember: you are not what you own. Storing all those books doesn’t make you any smarter; it just makes your life more cluttered .”-Francine Jay, Author And I suppose the same could be said about having a lot of items packed away in boxes or shoved in closets….if they aren’t being enjoyed, are […]