“Beat the Heat” Ideas

“Dear Weather, Stop showing off….we know you’re hot.” -Author Unknown May-June 2024 I regularly hear people tell me about “Snow Day” projects that are waiting for them when they’re stranded at home. Now that it’s topping 100 degrees in the coming days, this is a GREAT time to do some in-home projects that involve letting […]

Decluttering Hacks

“Lead me not into temptation….Oh who am I kidding, follow me, I know a shortcut.” -Author Unknown April 2024 “A stitch in time saves nine.” This old proverb means that if you sort out a problem immediately it may save a lot of extra work later. I’m thinking about short cuts and hacks to getting […]

Free Time = Organizing Time?

“Free time is death to the anxious, and thank goodness I don’t have any of it right now.” -Jon Stewart Just thinking about this extra day, February 29th, and how it can be best celebrated. Would you, could you consider it as “Free Time?” February 2024 Many of us yearn for ‘free time’ and many […]

Taking Action – Before Winter Ends

The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery Remember when you said that you’d tackle a particular task on ‘the next snow day’ or ‘the next rainy day’ or the next whatever? It’s not too late!! January 2024 What “something” can you do now? If I had […]

Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

“Less is More”-Author Unknown One of my most quoted sayings – and it’s as true today as it’s been for the last nearly 20 years in business. November 2023 I often try to come up with a ‘catchy title for my newsletter to capture your attention – I thought that “Less is More” would not […]

Now or Never?

October 2023 The “Now or Never” Mindset There’s a kind of excitement when one is at the point of saying “Now or Never” – it could be whether or not to dive into a pool, it could be making an extravagant purchase or going on a terrifying amusement park ride…but can it apply to getting […]

Want to Catch a Worm?

September 2023 Are you willing to be an early bird? I’d like to think that “early birds” may have a little less stress than the folks who wait until the last minute. I do know that many people find that waiting until the last minute can serve as a great motivator to keep them focused […]

Where do I begin?

August 2023 Getting started is probably the biggest obstacle to organizing. Most people have to be at the pits of despair and in total angst to take action. Once you’re ready to take action, sometimes overwhelm causes numbness and immobility and we end up even more distraught and discouraged than before. What’s a person with […]

How do you know when “busy” is TOO BUSY?

July 2023 This is probably the first time in almost a decade that I forgot to send the JUNE issue of “Tips & Tricks.” It’s a wake up call to myself that perhaps I’m a little too busy these days. The silver lining is that I’m not the only one who feels too busy, so […]

Can’t take diamonds, can’t take gold….

May 2023 “Love is the only possession which we can carry with us beyond the grave.” — Suzanne Curchod I love the timing of music — I remember when I first met my husband, every love song spoke to me. And now, I find that a song called “Grave” spoke to me. Read more ahead… […]