Decluttering mistakes will slow down your progress

10 Decluttering mistakes to avoid

You want to get your home organized. That’s great! There are many pitfalls that can sabotage your good efforts. Don’t let these decluttering mistakes get in your way.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Not giving yourself enough time. Once you take everything out of a drawer, you need to have time to purge some things, wipe down the drawer, organize what you are keeping and then put it all back.
  • Thinking decluttering is a one-time thing. Getting and staying organized is a process. It’s something you need to work on continuously.
  • Purchasing organizing supplies. You most likely already have things you can use. If you insist on buying supplies, wait until you have begun organizing and you know exactly what you need to actually make a purchase.
  • Forgetting to label everything. Labels are really helpful when you need to go into storage boxes. They will save you from doing a lot of digging. Along the same lines, clear containers are best because you can see everything that is inside.
  • Getting in your own way. Don’t let the fear of getting rid of things hold you back. Being overwhelmed can stop you in your tracks. Take small bites and you will finish off the whole meal in due time.
  • Storing essentials or often used items in places that are difficult to reach. You want things you use every day to be in the most convenient locations. Most used pans go in the front of the cabinet. Most used toiletries should be easily within reach.
  • Forgetting that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Put things away after you use them. Hang up your jacket when you come in the door. Put dishes in the dishwasher (or wash them) after you eat. Open your mail next to the recycle box. Do it now and stop clutter before it starts.
  • Not having a plan to get rid of donations. Set up donation pick-ups ahead of time so that boxes or bags of donations are not sitting around when you finish organizing. You don’t have to make one huge donation. Non-profits are willing to pick up one or two containers on days they are scheduled to be in your neighborhood.
  • Keeping things you might need later. Chances are you won’t need them. And if you do, you can deal with that issue down the road.
  • Not getting everyone in the house onboard. If you are making a promise to yourself to always put your shoes away at the end of each day, make sure everyone in the household is doing the same thing. All family members are adding to the clutter so everyone should help prevent it.

Are you making any of these common decluttering mistakes? Contact me if you need some help. I can get your home organized for you or create a plan to get you on track to do it yourself.

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