summer closet declutter

Closet declutter

End of summer closet declutter

Before you know it we’ll be putting away the flip flops and shorts and moving toward clothing with longer sleeves and heavier fabrics. While we are still in the warm weather, it’s a good time to do a closet declutter and figure out what clothes you want to keep for next summer and which clothing has outlived its usefulness.

Remember the shelves

Don’t forget the shelves in the closet. You need to declutter them too. What’s even up there? Are there accessories? Shoe boxes? Handbags? Hats? Those are all seasonal and need to be sorted.
Take everything out and then wipe down the shelves. You want to start with clean shelves when you put all of your belongings back in the closet. Think about how much space you can save when you only keep your favorites.

Hanger turning fun

Turn hangers all facing inward. As you wear clothes, wash them and put them back in the closet, turn the hangers facing outward. After a few months, you will see which clothing you never wear because the hangers will still be facing inward. Then, you can evaluate those clothes, give them away or donate them.
Because the hangers are turned, you don’t have to try and remember when the last time was that you wore something. You’ll know that you haven’t worn it since you started the hanger turning.


You can do the same thing with your shoes. Turn all of the shoes toes facing outward. See which shoes you wear and which you don’t over the course of a season. If you never wear them, they are just collecting dust. No need to keep them. Donate, give away or toss what you don’t need.

Hooks will help with closet declutter

Putting purses, scarves, belts and other accessories on hooks on your closet walls can reduce the clutter. Putting like items together will help you find what you need easily. Get rid of anything you don’t wear or like any more.
End the summer by lightening the load a little. Get rid of those things that you don’t use or want, things that don’t fit or went out of style and those things that evoke negative emotions (yes, clothes can do that).
Need help with your closets? Contact me and we can embark on your closet organizing together.
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