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As some of you may know, my husband Howard’s fascination with eBay for over 18 years, has blossomed into a robust business that we named, eBay 4 Less Clutter. He’s got the experience and knowledge to get impressive results. Here are some FAQ about his eBay business.

What is the most popular item that you sell on eBay? 

It’s hard to say what the most popular item is because right now we have about 1,000 items listed. Some of the items include Barbie and Kelly dolls to sculptures, designer purses and clothes, coins, comic books and everything in between.


What other types of things are typicality good sellers for you? 

High end designer purses, gold jewelry, coins, antiques, designer pens like Mont Blanc and Pelikan do well.

What types of things typically do not sell well? 

China without a name imprinted, antiques with defects or damage, most clothing are not best sellers.

How does the eBay selling process work? 

Email Howard at ebay4lessclutter@gmail.com and let him know what you have. If he feels he can sell your items, he will schedule a time to come out and take a look. Howard will take the items with him, photograph them, list them on eBay and ship them to the lucky buyer. Generally, it’s a 60/40 split of the net and you will get 60%. 

What is the most interesting or unusual thing you have sold? 

We’ve had some unusual items, but the most memorable ones were an accordion, horse saddle and sword. It’s amazing what kinds of items can be shipped.

What item surprised you in how much money it made?

A political pin from Herbert Hoover sold for $710!

Do you sell furniture? 

Furniture is difficult to sell on eBay so we avoid dealing with furniture unless it’s part of clearing out someone’s entire home.

What’s the difference between an auction and “buy it now?” Why would you use one versus the other? 

If an item is a known commodity, then we often use “Buy it Now” and start it at a high price. If it doesn’t sell, then we can lower it gradually. Auctions are great for really rare and desirable items as the eBay community will bid against each other so that the seller gets top dollar.

Do things need to be in perfect condition to sell them on eBay? 

Items don’t necessarily have to be perfect, but the better the condition, the higher the selling price with eBay 4 Less Clutter.

What do I need to do in order to have you sell items on eBay for me? 

Please email Howard at ebay4lessclutter@gmail.com.
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