building good habits

Handy habits to help you get and keep organized

Getting into good habits of being organized is something you can easily do. By adjusting daily routines to make small changes you can quickly see big results.

Routines become habits

Start adjusting your daily routines gradually. Don’t leave things out when you cook, put them away. Clean up dishes before you go to bed each night. Have the kids put their toys away before they go to sleep.


Create schedules, lists and set deadlines for yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Use your time wisely.

Do it now!

Put things away when you are finished using them. Make your bed when you get up each morning. Pet toys go in the box at the end of the day. These little things will reduce a lot of the clutter that accumulates around the house.

Take those few extra minutes to put things where they belong. It won’t take that much time if you do it often. Go through your mail as soon as you bring it in the house. Toss junk into the recycling as you go along. When you put things away right after you use them instead of letting clutter build up, you don’t end up with a monumental task after a few weeks. Make sure everything has a home.

Know how to get rid of stuff

As you find that clothing no longer fits or is out of style, keep a box in the closet where you can store them until it’s time to make a donation. Then, know who to call or where to drop off your donation. Many nonprofits like Goodwill and American Vets are back to taking donations. Make sure they will take the items you have (if it’s not clothing) beforehand.

Don’t buy things you might need later

A bargain isn’t a bargain if you are buying something you don’t really want or need. Buy things you need, of course, but try not to add to clutter with unnecessary products.

Don’t overbook yourself

Time management is important. Make sure you have enough time to get everything done on your to do list. Remember to add in travel time. Remember to schedule some time to yourself to unwind. Now that many people are working from home, you may have a little extra time that used to be devoted to your commute. Use it wisely.

Get the whole family invested in organizing

You don’t have to be the only one who tidies up each day. Get the spouse and kids involved in your new, good habits. Tidying up will be easier on everyone, especially you!

Keep a positive attitude

Your home and your belongings are important to you so take care of them. Putting things away and keeping them protected in the closet, storage container or other box will help your belongings stay in working order longer. Smile while you organize. Play upbeat music if it helps.

Know when to ask for help

Sometimes clutter can get out of hand. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff in your home, contact me and we can discuss the next steps to work toward being organized.

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